Thomas Peter Bennett

Thomas Peter Bennett, a Florida native, is the author of many articles and books about topics now synthesized in FLORIDA EXPLORED: THE PHILADELPHIA CONNECTION IN BARTRAM’S TRACKS, which is based on his work at Harvard, Florida State University, Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, Florida Museum of Natural History, South Florida Museum, as well as his own extensive travels in Bartram’s tracks.

Books in order of publication:

A celebration on the 200th anniversary of Bartram’s Travels, 1791 – 1991

A Celebration of John and William Bartram: In Philadelphia and Florida – 1999

Nature, As One Sees It – 2002

The River Widens: Poems by – 2005

The Legacy: South Florida Museum – 2010

Hike On – Poems from Mount Desert Island Maine – 2012

Encore Seasons – 2017

Florida Sketches: William Baldwin Follows Bartram’s Tracks ≈ Letter Poems – 2019

Florida Explored: The Philadelphia Connection in Bartram’s Tracks – 2019

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